REMINDER: Please bring all oven-baked foods already baked in oven-proof containers.  We will be warming our food in our own warming-oven. We will not be using the Baptist's ovens.
Also, please mark your VEGAN dish with a "V".
Call James for any questions 970-308-2906



F I R S T   S A B B A T H  -  GENERAL POTLUCK  (September 1)

  • A-J 
  • K-Z 
  • All - Dinner Rolls & Desert to "enjoy and share!" 


S E C O N D   S A B B A T H  -  GENERAL POTLUCK  (August 11-Glacier View Ranch)

  • FRIDAY NIGHT - Bring items for Haystacks
  • SABBATH BREAKFAST - On your own.
  • SABBATH - Bring Sandwiches and Salad (fruit for the fruit salad).
  • All - Chips and Desert to "enjoy and share!" 

  • SABBATH SUPPER - Hot Dogs (provided by church) Bring your own Buns.
  • SUNDAY MORNING - On your own.

***We will be at GLACIER VIEW RANCH this Sabbath. There will be no services in Longmont this Sabbath. 


T H I R D   S A B B A T H  -  TBA (August 18)

  • A-J 
  • K-Z 
  • All - Desert to "enjoy and share!" 


F O U R T H   S A B B A T H  -  GENERAL POTLUCK (August 25)

  • A-J 
  • K-Z 
  • All - Dinner Rolls and Deezurt to "enjoy and share!" 


F I F T H  S A B B A T H  -  TBA (September 29)

  • A-J 
  • K-Z 
  • All - "Desert to Pass and Share."